Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams

Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams

Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams 

1. What is the name of the most recently created district of Assam ?

(A) kamrup Metro 
(B) Charaideo 
(C) Bajali 
(D) None of the above

Ans: (C) Bajali

2. Nameri National park is located in which district? 

(A) Golaghat 
(B) Nagaon 
(C) Sonitpur 
(D) Udalguri

Ans: (C) Sonitpur

3. The first Assamese recipient of Arjuna Award winner___

(A) Bhogeswar Baruah
(B) Hima Das 
(C) Dipankar 
(D) None of the above

Ans: (A) Bhogeswar Baruah

4. When was the Battle of Saraighat fought ?

(A) 1671
(B) 1556
(C) 1561
(D) None of these

Ans: (A) 1671

5. The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between______

(A) East India Company and the Ahom King
(B) East India Company and the Burmese
(C) British Crown and the Ahom King
(D) British Crown and the Burmese

Ans: (B) East India Company and the Burmese

6. At present, how many National Parks in Assam______

(A) 3 
(B) 4 
(C) 6 
(D) 5

Ans: (C) 6

  • Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Manas National Park
  • Nameri National Park
  • Orang National Park
  • Dehing Patkai National Park

7. In which district of the State of Uttarakhand, a disaster caused by glacier burst has recently occurred?

(A) Tehri Garhwal 
(B) Dehradun 
(C) Chamoli 
(D) Rudraprayag

Ans: (C) Chamoli

8. In India, Delhi shares its boundary with which of the following states____

(A) Punjab only 
(B) Punjab and Haryana only
(C) Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh only (D) Haryana and Uttar Pradesh only

Ans: (D) Haryana and Uttar Pradesh only

9. In India, the Tropic of Cancer passes through which of the States of North-East ?

(A) Assam only 
(B) Assam and Manipur
(C) Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland 
(D) Mizoram and Tripura

Ans: (D) Mizoram and Tripura

10. Who is the winner of the US Open 2020 Men’s Single title?

(A) Alexander Zverev
(B) Dominic Thiem
(C) Novak Djokovic
(D) Andy Murray

Ans: (B) Dominic Thiem

11. Yellowstone National Park is located in the country

(A) Canada
(C) Japan
(D) Iceland

Ans: (B) USA

12. Which stadium in India has been renamed as the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium?

(A) Brabourne Stadium
(B) Eden Gardens
(C) Motera Stadium
(D) Holkar Stadium

Ans: (C) Motera Stadium

13. The first Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court was____

(A) Sir R.F. Lodge
(B) Sir E. A. Gait
(C) Sir E. W. Elgar
(D) Sir John Tenniel

Ans: (A) Sir R.F. Lodge

14. The world’s largest Cricket stadium has been inaugurated in which city of India recently?

(A) Lucknow
(B) Kolkata
(C) Ahmedabad
(D) Mumbai

Ans:  (C) Ahmedabad

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