Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams

Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams

 Important GK MCQ for Competitive Exams 

Important General Knowledge MCQ Questions and Answers for any competitive exams. These are very important General Knowledge Questions for all competitive examinations. If you are planning to apply for the jobs or any competitive examinations, then read this important GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions and Answers. Important GK Questions very helpful for upcoming Various Competitive Exams. Read  Gk Questions, General knowledge Quiz to prepare for various competitive exams.

While preparing in competitive exams, this gk are very important.So, here I am sharing some most important GK questions with answers for upcoming various competitive exams.If you are preparing for various competitive exams, you should read  Gk questions to improve your knowledge. These questions will help you to solve  gk questions in various competitive exams and also help to score high marks in the examinations.

Q: Which one of the following ports is the oldest port in India?

a) Mumbai Port
b) Chennai Port
c) Kolkata Port
d) Vishakhapatnam Port

Correct Answer: b) Chennai Port

Q: When was Mandela inaugurated as first black President?

A) 1994
B) 1999
C) 2000
D) None of the above

Correct Answer: A) 1994

Q: Which Bank has the maximum number of branches?

B) HDFC Bank
C) State Bank of India
D) State Bank of Patiala

Correct Answer: C) State Bank of India

Q: Which is the highest literary award of the world?

A) Nobel Prize
B) Booker Prize
C) Pulitzer Prize
D) Magsaysay Award

Correct Answer: B) Booker Prize

Q: Which animal breathes through the skin?

A) Crocodile
B) Tortoise
C) Fish
D) Frog

Correct Answer: C) Frog

Q: When is the International Yoga Day celebrated ?

 A) June 21
 B) March 21
 C) April 22
 D) May 31

Correct Answer: A) June 21

Q: The hottest planet in the solar system?

a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

Correct Answer: b) Venus

Q: Garampani sanctuary is located at____

A) Junagarh, Gujarat
B) Diphu, Assam
C) Kohima, Nagaland
D) Gangtok, Sikkim

Correct Answer: B) Diphu, Assam

Q: World Tourism Day is celebrated on___

 A) September 12
 B) September 25
 C) September 27
 D) September 29

Correct Answer: C) September 27

Q: Volcanic eruption do not occur in the___

a) Baltic sea
b) Black sea
c) Caribbean sea
d) Caspian sea

Correct Answer: a) Baltic sea

Q: Which was the first newspaper published in India? 

Ans: Hicky's Bengal Gazette 

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