IPL 2020 GK Questions and Answers

IPL 2020 GK Questions and Answers

 GK Questions on IPL 2020

Indian premier league (IPL) is the biggest cricket event in the world .IPL quiz questions and answers  is the twenty-twenty overs cricket game. IPL  is a very popular cricket event  in the cricket world. Here,We are offering a set of IPL 2020 quiz questions and answers. 

Important GK Questions and Answers on IPL 2020 is helpful for upcoming any competitive exams. So, IPL Quiz 2020, IPL GK Questions, IPL T20 quiz,  very important for upcoming competitive exams.

IPL GK Questions 2020 with Answers

1.Who is the captain of Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2020?

Answer: K. L. Rahul

2.When was the first season of IPL(Indian Premier League)?

Answer: 2008

3.How many teams played in the first season of IPL?

Answer: 8

4.Who is the founder of IPL?

Answer: Lalit Modi

5. What is the date of the 1st match of IPL(Indian Premier League) 2020?

Answer: 19 September 2020

 6. Where is the IPL( Indian Premier League) 2020 held?

Answer: United Arab Emirates

7. Who is the captain of Mumbai Indians team in IPL 2020?

Answer: Rohit Sharma

8. MS Dhoni leads which team in IPL 2020?

Answer:  Chennai Super Kings 

9. What is the date of the final match of IPL 2020?

Answer: 10 November, 2020

10. How many teams participated will play in IPL 2020 season?

Answer: 8

11. Total matches will play in IPL 2020 season__________

Answer: 60

12. Which player has highest score in IPL history?

Answer: Chris Gayle

13. Which player is the king of IPL?

Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

14. Most sixes in IPL history by which player?

Answer: Chris Gayle.( He scored 326 sixes which is the highest among any player in the history of IPL).

15. How many finals has M. S. Dhoni played in the IPL?

Answer: 7

gk Important GK IPL GK Questions

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