Write a short note on Macaulay's Minute?

Write a short note on Macaulay's Minute?

Thomas Babington Macaulay, who is generally regarded as the architect of the system of education in India during the British rule.He was a great essayist, historian, linguist, orator, politician, statesman and thinker. He was regarded as one of the first rate literary figure of his times. As a parliamentarian, he made his mark in British parliament. He came to India in 1838 and joined as the law member of the executive council of the governor-General. He was also appointed as the president of the general committee on Public instruction by governor general Lord William Bentinck.

Macaulay wrote his famous minute on Feb. 2, 1835 in which he vehemently criticized almost everything Indian: astronomy, culture, history, philosophy, religion etc., and praised everything western. On this basis he advocated the national system of education for India which could best serve the interest of the British Empire. His minutes was accepted and Lord William Bentinck issued his proclamation inn march 1935 which set at rest all the controversies and led to the formulation of a policy which became the corner stone of all educational programmes during the British period in India.

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Macaulay's Minute

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