John Milton's contribution to English language.

John Milton's contribution to English language.

John Milton is undoubtly one of the greatest poets of England.He is only next to Shakespeare.Milton and Shakespeare are the two figures that tower head and shoulder above the great company of authors who have made English Literature famous.Each represents the age which produced them.
      As a poet, Milton forms a class all by himself.He has neither any master nor any follower.He was himself his own master.He wrote in his own style.He shines alone in the vast firmament of English literature.
      Milton was the child both of the Renaissance and the Reformation.In his works the moral and religious influences of puritan were blended with the generous culture of the Renaissance.It is this blending which contributes to the greatness of Milton's poetry.

Milton began to write chiefly under the inspiration of the learning and of the Renaissance.To write an epic had been Milton's dream in poetry ever since his college days.His "Paradise
Lost" is the greatest epic in English literature since Beowulf.The theme of "Paradise Lost" is based on the Bible.It tells the story of the 'Fall of Man' as told in the Bible.

      The characters of Milton are such as no human hand could adequentely to his poetry.In the statelyness of manner Milton has no parallel.The manner he handles the blank verse is statly,majestic,almost super human.It is the stateliness of manner which leads Mathew Arnold to called his style grand.

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